A Car Accident at Brooklyn Car Wash Kills 85-year-old Wife and Injures Husband Severely

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Car Accident
Source: WorldProNews

New York City is one of the most congested cities in the world and it records many deaths from motor vehicle accidents every day/year. Another tragedy has once again come to light in metropolitan New York. An 85- year-old woman died in a fatal crash while her 90-year-old husband suffered life-threatening injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

The Details of Accident:
This tragedy actually occurred at a car wash in Brooklyn at about 3:15 pm when a jeep hit the couple at Avenue U and Gerritsen Avenue in the Marine Park neighbourhood.

According to sources, both husband and wife were standing outside the car wash. The couple was inspecting their Honda that had just been washed. That’s exactly when a black Jeep came on scene.It was left in neutral and was being backed by the car wash into a garage when it hit the building.

Then the 61-year-old car wash worker drove the jeep forward for some unknown reason and hit the couple. This accident was totally bizarre because the attendant was backing up the Jeep and put his foot on the accelerator to move it forward.

The attendant repeated his move three times and went on to smash into a car that was already damaged. Moreover, he pushed several more cars onto the sidewalk.

Details by Witnesses:
The driver was immediately pulled out of the driver’s seat by his fellow workers. The repeated sounds of this collision were heard by a witness at a nearby salon.

Two ladies came running outside; one of them was shouting, “Oh Somebody died, I’m scared!” said Tracy Ye, a witness.

Medical experts quickly arrived at the scene and examined the couple. They pronounced the 85-year-old woman, identified as Joan, dead on the spot whereas her 90-year-old husband was immediately rushed to NYU Langone hospital in Brooklyn because of the life-threatening injuries received.

According to sources, the old man injured in the crash is a retired NYPD (New York Police Department) lieutenant). According to the police, the car attendant remained at the scene and nothing appears to be wrong with the Jeep. It looks like an accident.

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