NYC DOT Worker Dies in Fatal Car Crash at Hutchison River Parkway

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Crashed Car

Life is completely unpredictable! This truism was noticed Wednesday through a fatal car crash that resulted in one death. The victim in this accident was a worker at the New York City Department of Transportation.

What Exactly Happened?

A DOT electrician named, George Staab, from Shirley met his death in this fatal motor vehicle accident. He was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. This fatal car crash happened on the southbound Hutchison River Parkway near the Exit no. 5 around 10:26 am in the morning. The 57- year-old was out on a job.

Who Saw The Accident?

According to the reports, a witness named, Alex Bueno, saw the accident during his morning walk session and called 911.

How Did It Happen?

According to Mr. Alex, he saw the car coming and colliding with the bridge’s contrite corner. The car did not stop and flew over the ground hitting one of the on-site workers, George Staab. The impact of the car was so powerful that it dragged the worker down the cliff.

One of Staab’s colleagues rushed to help the driver. Another immediately started giving first aid. At the same time, the bystander noticed him yelling, “I can’t find my partner. Look around”. The workers were under the impression that he was beneath the car. But they were wrong as he was found down the cliff.

This fatal car crash also affected traffic for a number of hours on the Hutchison – north and southbound. The news about this accident reached Darrell Powe, an area worker. He is sure about the fact that the weather and speed played a key role in this incident.

The driver of the car received treatment for minor injuries he received at the scene.

No criminality has been suspected behind this accident so far.

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